The roads we travel, the water we drink, the lakes and rivers that support our environment, and the parks and recreation facilities where we play – municipal infrastructure is essential to our day-to-day lives. Our municipal team works with cities, towns, municipalities, First Nation communities, parks, land developers, property owners, and private industry to provide innovative solutions for every project.


Our transportation experts plan, design and oversee construction of a broad range of transportation infrastructure. We undertake projects ranging from small traffic operations studies though to designing complex urban and highway roadway infrastructure. We have extensive experience integrating active transportation elements into our designs and are always thinking about the public’s safety and mobility on every project.

Our transportation services include:

  • transportation planning
    • transportation master plans
    • transportation impact assessments
    • active transportation solutions
    • micromobility assessments
    • transit planning
    • intersection functional design and performance optimization
    • road safety audits
  • geometric design
    • urban roads
    • highways
    • interchanges
    • bridges
    • intersections
    • roundabouts
    • active transportation facilities
    • pavements for heavy industrial operations
  • contract administration
  • preservation
    • asset management
    • condition assessments
    • pavement renewals and rehabilitations