About Us

We are relationeers. At KGS Group, we believe the depth of our relationships is just as important to the success of a project as the expertise applied to its design. We’re in it for the long haul, and we make long-term investments to provide our people and our clients with lasting value.

We are KGS Group, an employee-owned, multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm serving clients throughout North America. Our highly experienced team of engineers, scientists and technologists are dedicated to excellence in engineering and project management. We provide a complete range of engineering services for nearly every market, including energy, infrastructure, industrial, environment and buildings and spaces.

Excellence is custom-made

In 1986, Demetrios Kontzamanis, Helmut Graumann, J. Bert Smith and Dave MacMillan chose to step away from traditional firms in pursuit of a shared vision. As the founding principals of KGS Group, they united under a single conviction: excellence is custom-made, and custom-made is personal. This belief defines our work to this day.

We are relationeers

Over the years, we’ve learned that success is built on trust, clear communication, proper planning and a dedication to excellence. We believe that a commitment to lasting relationships is just as critical as the expertise applied to a project’s design, and we’re proud to cultivate a culture where relationships can grow and thrive. Our relationships are built strong by making and fulfilling these commitments to every client on every project: 

The KGS Commitments

  1. Continuous stewardship. Every project, including yours, benefits from a single project manager from start to finish with oversight from our most senior and experienced leaders.
  2. Outperform, overdeliver. Paying close attention to small details, being on site when it’s convenient for you, not us, finding ways to go above and beyond - these are badges we wear with pride.
  3. Comprehensive communication. We listen carefully, confirm assumptions, offer options and provide information in a clear and timely fashion. It’s our way of making sure we deliver what you want.
  4. Better outcomes. We take the time to plan well. It’s an investment that always pays off.

Experience in Action

Our purpose is to build lasting relationships with the promise of building things to last. To us, that means putting our clients and our people first and never taking the easy way out. It means thinking in the long term, not the short term, and going above and beyond on every project, every time. When you work with us, you get the expertise of a seasoned team who understands and cares for your project as deeply as you. That’s Experience in Action.

Our Purpose

To build lasting relationships with the promise of building things to last.

Our Vision

To build a global reputation for quality engineering services.

Our Mission

To engineer custom solutions worthy of lifelong relationships.