Managing project related environmental concerns and safeguarding the environment takes a diverse, dedicated team. That’s why we bring together the right mix of engineers, scientists, geologists, regulatory experts and technologists for every project. From baseline inventories and environmental impact assessments through Phase I site assessments to full-scale remediation, solid waste design and leachate management, we have the expertise and experience to guide you to success. And you can be certain we care enough to do it right.

Comprehensive Expertise and Experience

Our team will conduct studies to enable planning and permitting of your projects and help you rehabilitate sites to safe and healthy environments, while meeting regulatory standards, managing risk, and protecting our most precious resources.

We work with private enterprise, utilities, Indigenous communities, municipalities, and all levels of government to facilitate greenfield development and redevelop marginal lands. Our extensive expertise includes environmental impact assessment, permitting and licensing, data collection and monitoring, and rehabilitation. Groundwater and geothermal engineering, as well as emergency spill response and the closure of former mine sites and nuclear research facilities, round out our capabilities. We also have a dedicated solid waste group to assist with your waste management and leachate control and mitigation needs.

Partnering with Communities

We’ve completed projects in a variety of settings – urban, rural, the remote north and the Arctic – and we get involved with the communities we work with, building long-lasting relationships. Acting as technical scientific advisors, while providing training and capacity building, is something we’re passionate about, especially with Indigenous communities. And we are skilled at communicating and facilitating public consultation during environmental licensing processes.

Research and Technology

Our environmental services team actively seeks out opportunities to conduct research in a number of environmental disciplines, to advance our knowledge base, and to optimize solutions for real-life problems our clients are facing. Many of our projects benefit from this research, and when warranted, we apply proven, state-of-the-art technologies in our work.