Clients look to KGS to engineer long-term, reliable energy solutions, often partnering with us over years or even decades. With our deep history working in the energy market, from hydropower to transmission and distribution to renewables, you can rest assured we have the expertise to drive your energy project forward.


You could say hydropower is in our DNA. Our beginnings in Manitoba, Canada, where this clean energy is a staple of life, formed the strong foundation on which our hydro expertise is built. Over more than 30 years, we’ve grown this knowledge and experience, playing a significant role in hydropower development across North America and beyond.

Our experts have you covered from water to wire with extensive expertise in all facets of new hydro projects and the rehabilitation of aging facilities. Our wide-ranging capabilities include studies, concept development and design, procurement and construction support, as well as full-service hydroelectric performance testing services. We also help our hydro clients operate their facilities optimally, conducting dam safety reviews, engineering upgrades, developing manuals and resolving out-of-the-ordinary issues.

No matter the size or scope, our multidisciplinary team has the know-how and practical experience to take on any hydro project from concept development to decommissioning, and everything in between.

Transmission & Distribution

Our experts are critical team members when designing and constructing transmission lines, distribution lines and stations. We’re adept at navigating challenging landscapes and conditions, environmental considerations and all of the many details that need to be carefully managed to achieve long-lasting success.


The energy world is constantly evolving and our expertise has evolved with it. We’re at the forefront of environmentally friendly, renewable energy solutions with expertise not only in hydro, but also geothermal and solar.