International Women in Engineering Day 2024


Jun 27, 2024

In 2024 we proudly celebrate the 11th annual International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). INWED is a global celebration of female engineers, honouring their successes and contributions to the engineering world.

KGS is committed to supporting Engineers Canada’s goal of having 30% of newly licensed engineers be female by 2030. Today, we are recognizing the inspiring and talented women working at KGS Group who are helping build towards a brighter future.


Lindsay Ruel P.Eng., Electrical Department Head

KGS Saskatoon

Lindsay joined KGS Group in March of this year but has been working in the consulting engineering industry nearly her entire career. Her focus is on heavy industrial and mining projects. When asked what she would tell the next generation of female engineers pursuing leadership roles, she said:

"There are no stupid questions. When I started out in my career 20 years ago, I didn’t like to admit that I didn’t know something or didn’t know how to do something. But now, I’m a firm believer in owning what you don’t know. It’s always best to ask the question, even if you’re embarrassed. There’s never an expectation that people know everything, so ask the question, learn something from it, and grow professionally.”


Lee Peters M.Eng., P.Eng., PMP, Associate Principle & Geo-Environmental Department Head

KGS Regina

Lee has been with KGS for over 19 years and leads the Geo-Environmental Department in KGS’ Saskatchewan offices. She is also an Associate Principal and serves on the Board of Directors. When asked what changes she has seen in the industry towards women, Lee said:

“I think there is more global support to understand what issues women might face that are different than their male colleagues and if these issues create barriers to involvement and growth. There are concerted efforts now to understand why the numbers of women in engineering are still less than males to help facilitate change.”


Melissa Haresign M.Sc., P.Eng., Water Resources Assistant Department Head

KGS Winnipeg

Melissa joined KGS Group 12 years ago as an E.I.T. Since then, she has worked on a variety of projects, and has transitioned to leading and managing large water resources and multidisciplinary projects. Currently, she is getting settled into her new role as the Assistant Department Head, a new and exciting challenge she is looking forward to. When asked how she is helping to build towards a brighter future for women in engineering, she said:

“Overall, I try to be a positive female role model at KGS. I actively mentor and sponsor emerging female engineers, providing them with the guidance, support, and opportunities to grow and excel in their careers. I advocate for diversity and inclusion within KGS by speaking up when I see areas for improvement and supporting policies that promote gender equity and work-life balance. By doing this, I aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment where women in engineering can really thrive.”


Taunya Ernst P.Eng., P.E., P.G., Civil Geotechnical Department Head

KGS Winnipeg

Taunya joined KGS Group in 2017 as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer, after a 20-year career in the United States. Now, Taunya is the Civil Geotechnical Department Head, and leads the civil-geotech group, roughly half of the team of over 50 geotechnical engineers in Winnipeg. When asked what leadership means to her and what makes a leader great, Taunya said:

“A great leader is someone who puts others before themselves, takes the time, is attentive and truly listens. A leader should be available and easy to approach. A leader can recognize individuals’ strengths and will act on setting people up for success, as well as proactively recognize and engage when additional support is needed. Leadership means leading by example and supporting in any and every way possible to help colleagues develop their knowledge base and grow professionally.”