Environmental Research and Development

Our environmental services team actively seeks out opportunities to conduct research in a number of environmental disciplines, to advance our knowledge base, and to optimize solutions for real-life problems our clients are facing. Many of our projects benefit from this research. Some of our most recent research and development activities include:

Landfill Leachate Treatment

Since 2013, KGS Group has conceptualized and carried out several research and development projects involving laboratory and field scale activities aimed at reducing handling and treatment volumes of landfill leachate, including leachate irrigation studies, alternative chemical and physical treatment processes, and enhanced evaporation techniques.

Landfill Methane Mitigation

In 2014, KGS Group partnered with the University of Manitoba to develop design parameters for an innovative landfill biocover, designed to oxidize fugitive methane emissions. The first two phases of this multi-year project were carried out under laboratory conditions, followed by field trials at a waste management facility in the City of Winnipeg.

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment

KGS Group is active in investigating the treatment of AMD from former mine sites in northern Manitoba. The objectives of these studies are to optimize the typical treatment process, and to develop cost-effective technologies directed at minimizing the use of chemicals, while improving operation of the treatment process.

Phosphorus Treatment

We are also developing technology for the treatment of insoluble phosphates applied to agricultural fields with manure, such as hog operations, to recover the phosphorus for fertilizer applications and to reduce phosphate loading on the surface water runoff to rivers and lakes.