Whether you need help navigating environmental regulations, expertise conducting environmental impact assessments, support to manage complex groundwater conditions, designs to redevelop contaminated lands or capability in managing a landfill, our experts can assist. Our veteran team offers a full array of environmental services and their experience includes a wide variety of projects ranging from small to large. No matter the project size, we develop custom solutions for our clients that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and practical to apply in the real-world.

Solid Waste Management

If you’re designing a new landfill or managing operational and environmental issues such as leachate at old sites, we have a dedicated solid waste management team you can rely on. Our solid waste experts offer the following services:

  • facility design and tender development
  • tender support and construction administration
  • site assessments, including compliance with regulations, infrastructure and disposal operations
  • preparation of applications (construct, operate or modify a waste management facility and permit renewal)
  • analysis of financial assurance for closure and post-closure
  • review and preparation of:
    • master plans
    • operation manuals
    • fill sequencing plans
    • fire prevention and emergency response plans
    • monitoring and reporting programs
    • contingency plans
    • site safety plans
    • preliminary and final closure designs and plans
    • post-closure plans