Geothermal Heating/Cooling System for IKEA Winnipeg

IKEA has a corporate mandate to reduce its global carbon footprint. A cornerstone of this mandate is geothermal heating and cooling. The IKEA Winnipeg geothermal heat pump system provides the total cooling and heating requirements for the 400,000 square foot retail store.

KGS Group was tasked with the design, construction management, and commissioning of the IKEA Winnipeg geothermal heat pump system. Consisting of four pumping wells and eight recharge wells, the IKEA system is the largest of its kind within Winnipeg.

A showcase for geothermal innovation and design, the system has provided a sustainable energy management solution for IKEA. Since November 2012, it has delivered reliable heating and cooling for the store, without use of the back-up gas boilers to date. In this way, it has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the IKEA building.

Project achievements and innovations include:

  • lowered carbon footprint for IKEA and residents of Manitoba
  • groundwater well redundancy, to facilitate maintenance as required
  • designed and located to reduce maintenance impacts to IKEA operations and customers