Making sure people and places are supported on solid ground is the calling of our geotechnical team. We stabilize riverbanks, design heavy foundations, and ensure bridges and dams stand strong. Using our extensive knowledge and experience combined with innovative technologies, we deliver custom solutions that withstand the test of time.

Instrumentation Installation and Monitoring

Our experts have extensive experience with the design, procurement, calibration and installation of various monitoring instruments, state-of-the-art automated data acquisition systems with telemetry capabilities and database management solutions. We have installed the following instrumentation:

  • piezometers (pneumatic, vibrating wire piezometers, hydraulic, standpipes etc.)
  • slope inclinometer including IPIs
  • MEMS sensors - ShapeArray (SAA)
  • settlement gauges
  • extensometers and tilt sensors
  • crack gauges
  • suction gauges
  • seepage weirs
  • fibre optic sensors
  • strain gauges and load cells