Making sure people and places are supported on solid ground is the calling of our geotechnical team. We stabilize riverbanks, design heavy foundations, and ensure bridges and dams stand strong. Using our extensive knowledge and experience combined with innovative technologies, we deliver custom solutions that withstand the test of time.

Foundation Design

Our team has extensive expertise in designing foundations for various structures including buildings, telecommunication and transmission line towers, bridges, industrial machines with dynamic loading, heavily loaded structures and laterally loaded structures. Using the latest technologies to determine the optimal, most cost-effective solutions, our experts are skilled at investigation, design and installation of the following:

  • shallow spread footing
  • raft slabs and thickened edge slabs
  • cast-in-place concrete piles
  • driven piles (steel, pre-cast concrete and timber)
  • rock socketed caissons
  • helical screw piles
  • tension and uplift piles
  • laterally loaded piles