Making sure people and places are supported on solid ground is the calling of our geotechnical team. We stabilize riverbanks, design heavy foundations, and ensure bridges and dams stand strong. Using our extensive knowledge and experience combined with innovative technologies, we deliver custom solutions that withstand the test of time.

Permafrost and Cold Regions Engineering

We have a wealth of in-house expertise in the design and construction of projects in cold regions. Our experts can address a variety of permafrost challenges with experience on projects such as winter/ice roads, hydroelectric developments, major highways, pipelines, bridges, solid waste landfills, lagoons and building foundations. 

We apply cutting-edge techniques and tools to prevent degradation of the frozen soil and to minimize ground movement. Permafrost and cold region engineering services include:

  • terrain mapping and identification of muskeg soils, ground ice and other permafrost features
  • geothermal modelling and assessments of design and construction impacts
  • laboratory testing of permafrost materials
  • assessment of frost heave
  • design and performance valuation of thermosyphons and other artificial ground freezing systems
  • performance monitoring of earthfall structures and foundations constructed on permafrost