Whether you need help navigating environmental regulations, expertise conducting environmental impact assessments, support to manage complex groundwater conditions, designs to redevelop contaminated lands or capability in managing a landfill, our experts can assist. Our veteran team offers a full array of environmental services and their experience includes a wide variety of projects ranging from small to large. No matter the project size, we develop custom solutions for our clients that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and practical to apply in the real-world.

Hydrogeology and Hydrogeological Engineering

KGS Group groundwater scientists and engineers are skilled at investigating, conceptualizing, designing and administering hydrogeological engineering projects. We also bring a keen understanding of a range of terrain, from urban to rural to ice-rich ground environments. Services include:

  • groundwater monitoring and sampling programs
  • water quality assessments
  • well design
  • aquifer testing programs and water supply analyses
  • baseline groundwater studies
  • design and testing of groundwater depressurization systems, including groundwater management plans
  • aquifer vulnerability assessment and protection programs
  • groundwater under direct influence of surface water (GUDI) assessment
  • 2D and 3D groundwater modeling, including contaminant transport
  • open loop geothermal well systems
  • independent third-party peer review and technical scientific advisory services

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