Whether you need help navigating environmental regulations, expertise conducting environmental impact assessments, support to manage complex groundwater conditions, designs to redevelop contaminated lands or capability in managing a landfill, our experts can assist. Our veteran team offers a full array of environmental services and their experience includes a wide variety of projects ranging from small to large. No matter the project size, we develop custom solutions for our clients that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and practical to apply in the real-world.

Demolition and Hazardous Building Materials Assessment

We have extensive experience identifying, characterizing, inventorying, quantifying and documenting both non-hazardous and hazardous wastes for the purposes of demolishing infrastructure. Our expertise includes dealing with asbestos, as well as many other regulated substances and hazardous materials such as leachable paint, halocarbons and ozone depleting substances, mould, silica, metals and PCB materials, UFFI, radioactive materials, and radon. We follow all applicable legislation and guidelines in our work which includes:

  • comprehensive hazardous materials inventories
  • preparation of asbestos management plans (AMP) including surveys and sampling of materials
  • sampling and assessment of leachable paints, halocarbon inventories and audits
  • mould assessment and sampling
  • fuel storage tank systems compliance audits, removal and decommissioning
  • abatement cost estimates
  • pre and post abatement monitoring and inspections

Demolition assessments and waste surveys are often completed in conjunction with site remediation and rehabilitation activities and we’re also well versed in preparing tender specifications, contract administration, and construction supervision of contractors responsible for demolition activities.