Whether you need help navigating environmental regulations, expertise conducting environmental impact assessments, support to manage complex groundwater conditions, designs to redevelop contaminated lands or capability in managing a landfill, our experts can assist. Our veteran team offers a full array of environmental services and their experience includes a wide variety of projects ranging from small to large. No matter the project size, we develop custom solutions for our clients that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and practical to apply in the real-world.

Archaeology and Heritage Resources

KGS Group offers a complete line of archaeological and heritage resource assessment services with a focus on identifying and managing heritage resources. Our experienced team of experts provide clients with tangible, workable solutions to heritage management issues by offering a vast array of investigation, avoidance and mitigation strategies. Our archaeologists are experienced working with regulatory agencies, proponents, construction teams, stakeholders and rights holders to support project objectives. We work to stay true to project timelines and objectives while still meeting regulatory requirements concerning heritage resources.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • regulatory engagement
  • desktop heritage sensitivities review and analysis
  • heritage resource inventories and overviews
  • Heritage Resource Impact Assessments (HRIAs)
    • pedestrian surveys
    • shovel testing programs
    • deep testing activities
    • mitigative and salvage excavations
    • artifact cataloguing and analysis
  • heritage construction monitoring
  • heritage resource protection plans
  • post-construction heritage impact surveys
  • public engagement and education
  • First Nations and M├ętis consultation
  • Stages 1 to 4 archaeological assessments (land based)
    • historic and archival research
    • stakeholder consultation
    • identification and evaluation of the cultural heritage value of archaeology sites and cultural materials
    • mitigation of development impacts
    • cemetery studies