Whether it’s implementing a building system for a state-of-the-art facility, constructing a new hydroelectric generating station, or rolling out a new industrial process, our mechanical engineers take an idea and turn it into reality. Our experience tells us cookie-cutter solutions are rarely the way to ensure mechanical systems perform and coordinate optimally. Every project deserves a fresh look and a custom solution backed by our extensive expertise. From design through commissioning and maintenance, we care enough to do it right.

Mechanical Specialty Services

In addition to our industrial, energy and building design expertise, we have a wide variety of specialty skills that can support your project. These include:

  • failure modes effects management (FMEM)
  • HAZOPs
  • certificates of approval (C of A air & noise)
  • flood pumping station design
  • water audits (commercial or industrial)
  • compressed air audits (industrial)
  • noise reduction audits (industrial)
  • reserve fund studies
  • procurement lead (multidisciplinary industrial projects)
  • general fabrication and machining support
  • project management
  • pipe flow hydraulic modeling
  • process simulation modeling
  • construction management/coordination
  • earned value analysis and reporting
  • CBCP (certified building commissioning professional) design
  • flammable liquid storage and handling design
  • ANSYS FEA stress analysis
  • hydraulic fluid power systems