Whether it’s implementing a building system for a state-of-the-art facility, constructing a new hydroelectric generating station, or rolling out a new industrial process, our mechanical engineers take an idea and turn it into reality. Our experience tells us cookie-cutter solutions are rarely the way to ensure mechanical systems perform and coordinate optimally. Every project deserves a fresh look and a custom solution backed by our extensive expertise. From design through commissioning and maintenance, we care enough to do it right.

Fire Protection Systems

Our fire protection design experts have a wide range of expertise from basic to the most complex systems. Our experience includes utility and industrial fire protection as well as speciality institutional and critical facility systems. We regularly work with other professionals, owners and authorities to tailor solutions that fit unique and challenging circumstances.

Our fire protection experts can help you with:

  • water-based sprinkler systems (including wet-pipe, deluge, dry-pipe and preaction)
  • standpipes
  • water mist systems
  • water spray fixed systems
  • commercial cooking fire protection
  • fire pumps (electric & diesel)
  • private fire service mains
  • wastewater treatment facilities
  • fire protection for electric generating plants & HVDC stations
  • gaseous fire protection systems
  • foam systems
  • CO2 systems
  • FM global datasheets

We can also assist with systems for spills, chemicals and other threats, bringing your operation into full regulatory compliance.