MobilGrain Delisle Seed Cleaning Plant

KGS Group provided detailed structural design for the foundation and superstructure of a new seed cleaning facility for MobilGrain. The 140-foot-tall terminal features a unique design that maximizes the use of gravity and minimizes the need for maintenance-intense conveyance equipment to handle grain. The facility also includes a railcar loadout station with underground storage bins, a large storage bin covering the entire main floor, vibrating screens and an explosion-proof bucket elevator.

The proposed site was located within a geological zone that is challenging for foundation design and excavation works. In addition to a high-water table, neither piles nor footings were found to be a clear choice of foundation. With careful interpretation of geotechnical parameters and design simulations, it was established that concrete filled, steel-driven piles were appropriate for the foundation. A thick main floor concrete slab was also provided in order to support the heavy main floor bin loading but also to ensure that the array of piles act uniformly as a group. Sheet piling was also installed between the main plant and loadout basement in order to speed up foundation construction. Draw wells were installed along the perimeter of the site in order to lower the water table during construction.

As a result of intense coordination efforts between the owner, engineering team and sub-contractors, the 3-year long project was successfully completed with operations kicking off in the summer of 2020.