Newton Force Main River Crossing

KGS Group and Associated Engineering designed and oversaw the construction of a new, 466 meter river crossing installed trenchlessly 40 meters below grade to replace the failing Newton Force Main River Crossing. This vital piece of infrastructure supports the wastewater flows from the entire Hawthorne sewer district in Winnipeg. Under dry weather conditions, the Newton Force Main River Crossing transports over 2.3 million litres of wastewater daily under the Red River.

The existing crossing was installed along the river bottom in 1978 and was connected to lands that became densely urbanized, which limited solutions. An alternate alignment was developed to both reroute the force main and install it safely within the bedrock strata below the river. The solution involved 780 meters of new force main, including a 466-meter-long crossing installed using horizontal direction drilling that included both horizontal and vertical curves, a first for Manitoba.