Our transportation experts plan, design and oversee construction of a broad range of transportation infrastructure. From small traffic operations studies through to designing complex urban roads and highway infrastructure, our transportation experts strive to achieve a safe, accessible and sustainable system that connects the community, promotes economic development and enhances quality of life. Our team delivers custom transportation solutions to serve our clients now and in the future.

Contract Administration

Our team has extensive on-the-ground experience overseeing the construction of transportation infrastructure and other surface works. Our skilled, on-site staff mitigate construction risk by ensuring projects are completed following approved contract documents.

Our transportation contract administration services include:

  • tendering and evaluation support
  • constructability and construction staging reviews
  • ongoing risk assessment
  • site inspection
  • material testing and quality management
  • equipment procurement
  • daily records and document management
  • construction contract administration
  • construction management
  • progress review and sign-off
  • commissioning and commissioning support
  • owner’s advocacy
  • project close-out