Emerson Port-of-Entry

The Emerson Port-of-Entry Expansion and Redevelopment project improves the security and efficiency of the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) port by shifting commercial inspections to a separate processing area.

In collaboration with Verne Reimer Architects, KGS Group provided municipal design, transportation design and construction support services for $4.5 million of site works. This included three primary inspection lanes, a four-lane thoroughfare, staff parking lot, commercial parking lot, commercial loading bay, site grading, building services, land drainage system and highway signage.

Coordinated with Manitoba Infrastructure and the North Dakota Department of Transportation, the project improves traffic processing by diverting commercial vehicles from North Dakota Interstate 29 through CBSA‘s commercial facility, rejoining Manitoba Highway 75 north of the port. This project establishes the Port of Emerson as Manitoba’s first Free and Secure Trade (FAST) port, expediting border processing for participants registered to the program.