The roads we travel, the water we drink, the lakes and rivers that support our environment, and the parks and recreation facilities where we play – municipal infrastructure is essential to our day-to-day lives. Our municipal team works with cities, towns, municipalities, First Nation communities, parks, land developers, property owners, and private industry to provide innovative solutions for every project.

Stormwater Management

Controlling runoff from developments is vital for the health of our rivers and streams and the protection of our homes, businesses and infrastructure. Our municipal team will work with you to develop the stormwater management solution that best meets the needs of your project. Our stormwater services include:

  • collection systems analysis
    • sewer inspections
    • condition assessment
    • asset management
  • district-wide hydraulic/hydrologic assessment and design
  • pipe rehabilitation/replacement options
    • cured in place pipe (CIPP)
    • pipe bursting
    • slip lining
    • point repairs and internal repairs
    • online replacement
    • offline replacement
  • trenchless and open trench design options
  • tunnelling (see tunnelling services)
  • underground storage facilities
  • storm retention basin and detention pond design
  • inlet and outlet design

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