The roads we travel, the water we drink, the lakes and rivers that support our environment, and the parks and recreation facilities where we play – municipal infrastructure is essential to our day-to-day lives. Our municipal team works with cities, towns, municipalities, First Nation communities, parks, land developers, property owners, and private industry to provide innovative solutions for every project.

Recreational and Waterfront Facilities

We have a long history of developing recreation spaces and waterfront developments. These vibrant spaces require creative municipal solutions to enhance the environment and user experience. Some of the many recreational spaces we have developed include:

  • parks and playgrounds
  • new swimming and recreational lakes
  • mountain bike trails
  • soccer fields
  • naturalized ponds
  • splash pads and pools
  • public campgrounds
  • summer camps
  • active transport pathways
  • waterfront developments (wharfs, docks, river trails, beaches)