The roads we travel, the water we drink, the lakes and rivers that support our environment, and the parks and recreation facilities where we play – municipal infrastructure is essential to our day-to-day lives. Our municipal team works with cities, towns, municipalities, First Nation communities, parks, land developers, property owners, and private industry to provide innovative solutions for every project.

Water Treatment and Distribution

Providing clean drinking water is one of the most essential engineering services. KGS understands the importance of maintaining reliable water distribution systems and treatment facilities to ensure the health and safety of the public. Our municipal team can assist you with your water projects from assessment and treatment, through design, construction, commissioning and management. Our services include:

Water Treatment

  • water plant assessment
  • groundwater and surface water investigations
  • bench scale testing
  • pilot testing
  • water treatment process design
  • water plant design (small-scale, large-scale and industrial)
  • plant commissioning
  • plant management and training
  • source water protection and evaluations
  • regulatory approvals
  • financial assistance submissions
  • wastewater management
  • aquatic biology

Water Distribution

  • watermain assessment
  • water distribution modeling
  • asset management
  • potable water storage
  • supplemental disinfection
  • preliminary and detailed design
    • feeder mains
    • water mains
    • booster stations
    • air release chambers
    • bypass chambers
    • valve chamber
    • crossing (rail, highways and waterways)