Town of Ogema Water Treatment Plant

Located south of Regina and west of the City of Weyburn, the Town of Ogema required an innovative solution to improve water quality for the community. The town’s water treatment plant receives raw water from two groundwater wells located nearby. Historic greensand filters had been relatively successful in removing high iron and manganese, but were not capable of removing elevated alkalinity, sulfates, hardness and total dissolved solids.

To increase the palatability of the finished water, KGS Group was retained to provide detailed design services for a brand-new water treatment plant using reverse osmosis membranes. A pilot study was first conducted to determine if direct feeding the reverse osmosis membranes from the wells would be an acceptable long-term solution. The pilot study had great success and the final design for direct feed membranes was completed in early 2019. The work also included design and construction of a new below grade concrete reservoir, building and vertical turbine distribution pumps.

The new plant was commissioned in early 2020 and has received significant praise from the town for exceptional water quality.