Our electrical engineering expertise spans the discipline from source to end use. We design the generating stations and systems that power our communities, ensure emergency centres have reliable backups, plan fire protection systems that save lives, design buildings to meet the highest green standards, and automate industrial processes to increase productivity. On every project, our electrical engineers aim to deliver safe, dependable, energy efficient solutions you can rely on for the long haul.

Fire Protection and Security

Fire Protection

Our fire protection experts can get you the protection you need from basic to complex. We specialize in power utility fire protection, but also apply our expertise to critical museum, art, data center, large industrial sites, campuses and other specialty institutional fire protection and detection systems. Where the codes don’t have the answers to the fire safety questions, KGS Group routinely works with building professionals, owners and authorities to develop the custom solutions that will meet very specialized or multifaceted fire protection needs.

Our fire protection experts can help you with:

  • all types of fire alarm systems, from simple to complex network audio systems and central stations
  • early detection systems with aspirating or laser detectors
  • specialty suppression using high-pressure mist, foam or specialty gas
  • sprinkler or deluge systems
  • interfaces to facilitate egress from facilities with multiple buildings, or areas where there are people with restricted mobility

If you have needs beyond just fire protection (such as spills, chemicals or other threats), we can help design a system for fast notification of personnel and improved egress.


We can provide the detailed designs needed to build many layers of security.  We also work with a number of physical security specialists who can assess the large-scale threats facing many of our clients in a modern world. When it comes to putting in place the physical security measures to defend against those threats, we have you covered from the cyber assets, to biometrics, to surveillance to physical entry restrictions and credential control.