Our electrical engineering expertise spans the discipline from source to end use. We design the generating stations and systems that power our communities, ensure emergency centres have reliable backups, plan fire protection systems that save lives, design buildings to meet the highest green standards, and automate industrial processes to increase productivity. On every project, our electrical engineers aim to deliver safe, dependable, energy efficient solutions you can rely on for the long haul.

Studies and Hazardous Location Assessments

Our experts conduct a wide range of electrical studies and hazardous location assessments. We keep on top of the latest software, from SES and PS-CAD to Easypower and SKM, to deliver high quality information and analysis for our clients, including:

  • short circuit studies
  • complex arc-flash analysis
  • load flow studies
  • insulation coordination studies
  • grounding studies
  • protection and coordination studies
  • TRV studies and other complex analysis needed for specialty industries
  • grid studies
  • interconnected transmission system optimization studies

We are always willing to work with you to develop the studies you need to operate your facilities well and safely.

For hazardous location assessments, we have the experience to assess various environments to determine if a hazardous condition exists and whether the hazardous location is due to the presence of combustible gasses or dusts.