Looking at the big picture as well as paying close attention to the small details is how our structural engineers create safe, reliable structures. No matter the challenge, from dams to commercial buildings to heavy industrial facilities, our structural experts take the long view. Because we believe it’s our duty to engineer custom solutions that will last a lifetime.

Steel Detailing & Connection Design

Using state-of-the-art technology, our in-house steel detailing staff provide detailed drawings for fabricators and also directly for contractors and owners to expedite project construction schedules. Our detailed plans, drawings and other documents are used to manufacture and erect steel members used in building construction, bridges, industrial plants, and non-building structures.

Our steel detailing services include:

  • structural and miscellaneous steel
  • general arrangement drawings (erection diagrams)
  • assembly drawings (shop details)
  • 3D models for presentations and clash detection
  • part drawings
  • anchor bolt plans
  • DXF and CNC files
  • bolt lists and reports