Looking at the big picture as well as paying close attention to the small details is how our structural engineers create safe, reliable structures. No matter the challenge, from dams to commercial buildings to heavy industrial facilities, our structural experts take the long view. Because we believe it’s our duty to engineer custom solutions that will last a lifetime.

Water Control Structures & Generating Stations

We are leaders in the planning and design of water control and conveyance structures as well as hydroelectric generating stations. Our team provides services for new developments and redevelopment and life extension services for existing structures, including dams, spillways, intakes, powerhouses, penstocks, conduits, tunnels, flow control gates and gate hoists.

While hydroelectric generation stations are our specialty, we can provide the full range of services for all types of renewable energy, including solar, wind and thermal sources as well as geothermal.

Applying our expertise across North America as well as Africa and South America, our engineers are adept at inspections, condition assessments, planning, conceptual, preliminary & detailed design, testing and commissioning of all aspects of generating stations and any upgrades required, including:

  • planning of hydroelectric projects from concept through to commissioning
  • spillway and powerhouse structures
  • turbine generator unit condition assessments
  • penstock and tunnel design and inspection, including surge tanks and shafts and transients
  • intake & tailrace structure design
  • service bay layout and design
  • access platform design
  • powerhouse crane runway design
  • major structural studies
  • finite element analyses of structural behaviour for static and dynamic loads, including non-linear analysis using ANSYS
  • assessment and monitoring of concrete growth due to alkali aggregate reaction (AAR)
  • post-tensioned soil & rock anchors
  • intake and spillway gates (including vertical lift, roller, slide, crest gates, obermeyer gates, sluice gates, stoplogs, bulkhead gates, and associated gate hoist superstructures and systems)
  • gate guides and stop log guides, rollers, gate seal systems, protective coatings
  • failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) and risk analysis
  • assessment of flow and gate down pull characteristics
  • crane & lifting devices associated with gate & stoplog handling
  • forensic and insurance assessment of structures as well as gates and gate hoists
  • rope access inspections of structures, penstocks, and conveyance structures

We can act as an advocate for you in a design build arrangement, or your detailed designer. If you need quality assurance and inspection services, we can do that too, backed by extensive experience with water conveyance and hydro project components fabricated around the world.

Whether you are an independent power producer or a large power utility, we also understand that unit uptime is critical to the financial operation of your facility. We can work with you to upgrade and redevelop energy generation through to controls while helping you minimize outage windows.

Our team delivers comprehensive services for water control structures and generating stations. Learn more about our related electrical, mechanical and water resources services.