Our electrical engineering expertise spans the discipline from source to end use. We design the generating stations and systems that power our communities, ensure emergency centres have reliable backups, plan fire protection systems that save lives, design buildings to meet the highest green standards, and automate industrial processes to increase productivity. On every project, our electrical engineers aim to deliver safe, dependable, energy efficient solutions you can rely on for the long haul.

Generating Station Design

KGS Group is an industry expert in the design of generation stations, either new or rehabilitation work. While we specialize in hydroelectrical generation stations, we can provide the full range of services for all types of renewables including solar, wind and thermal sources including gas fired and combined cycle generating station (CCPP).

Our engineers are adept at planning, conceptual design, detailed design, testing and commissioning of all aspects of generating stations and any upgrades required, including:

  • unit and plant control
  • turbine governor controls
  • redundant generator protections
  • redundant transformer protection
  • redundant transmission line protection
  • detailed design for static exciter replacements
  • generator condition assessment and rewinds
  • detailed design to procure and replace existing generator step up transformers
  • generating station substation and interconnecting transmission systems
  • assessments
  • major electrical studies

We can act as an advocate for you in a design build setting, or your detailed designer, or even supply the equipment to get the critical upgrade underway. Our commissioning experts will develop a detailed commissioning plan and will lead the overall commissioning to help you get everything up and running, when the day comes.

Whether you are an independent power producer or a large power utility, we also understand that unit uptime is critical to the financial operation of most facilities. We can help you minimize outage windows.

Ancillary Services

We also provide any and all ancillary design services for other elements such as:

  • station service power and lighting
  • physical security
  • specialty fire protection and other convenience systems

Comprehensive Services

Our team delivers comprehensive services for generating stations. Learn more about our structural, mechanical and water resources services for generating stations.