Water Resources

Water is the most important resource on our planet: it’s finite, non-replaceable and impossible to live without. Protecting this precious resource while harnessing its power and potential is one of our key capabilities. Our water resources engineers respond to and manage flood crises, harness the power of water for hydroelectric development, and manage stormwater for safe and effective urban design.

Hydraulic Structure Design

KGS Group engineers have assessed and designed countless water conveyance and retaining structures. Our expertise includes:

  • bridge and culvert sizing & design
  • canal and flood diversion channel design
  • spillway and energy dissipation design
  • cavitation analysis
  • pipeline design
  • river intake structures
  • siphon design
  • river control structure design
  • flood pump station design
  • water retaining structures (i.e. dam design)

Learn more about our structural, mechanical and electrical water control structure expertise.