Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba Basins Flood Mitigation Study

The flood of 2011 highlighted several potential “weak links” in Manitoba’s flood control system, which resulted in widespread damage across the Province. To address the propensity for flooding in the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba basins, KGS Group carried out a flood mitigation study, which identified major flood vulnerabilities and assessed a wide range of measures to improve protection in the region.

A vast amount of data was reviewed and over 70 mitigation options were evaluated including dikes, reservoirs, diversion channels, wetland restoration and development controls. As well, a number of sophisticated models were developed to calculate cost-benefit ratios and the economic viability of the options.

Working collaboratively with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, the project team developed a technical workshop and held public open house events to incorporate important feedback into the study findings.

The results of the study identified over $1 billion of flood mitigation upgrades required to increase the flood protection level to provincial standards across the basin. The results will also serve as the foundation for major flood mitigation programs for the next several decades.