New Museum Building for the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

The new Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is a worldclass, state-of-the-art facility destined to become a signature attraction. At 86,000 square feet, the facility contains more than 20 aircraft, six of which are suspended, 14 galleries, meeting rooms, classrooms, a gift shop, and an observation lounge that overlooks active runways.

A multidisciplinary team collaborated to achieve the complex requirements of the museum building and to bring interactive galleries to life, showcasing impressive aircraft displays. KGS Group experts designed an energy efficient facility that targets LEED silver certification and demonstrates a 39.1% annual energy savings in the final energy model.

Our team employed several complex design strategies with “out-of-the-box” thinking to deliver a state-of-art, modern building, ensuring our selected solution met the client’s needs in an economical and functional manner.

In addition, utility owners, Winnipeg Airports Authority, the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, curator, and architect were all consulted throughout the design and construction phase of the project. Together we identified and successfully navigated several stakeholder concerns and issues that included energy savings, budgeting, LEED certification, environmental temperature and humidification of displays and illumination of the grounds, building façade and galleries.

Challenges experienced from design through construction were addressed and mitigated by our team’s innovative, multi-disciplined engineering designs, high-level style of internal project management, and quality assurance. The final result provides Winnipeg with a destination go-to attraction and venue that welcomes visitors from across Canada and beyond.