Gillam Subdivision Passive Groundwater Drainage

The “Crayola” subdivision in Gillam, Manitoba, was built on soil which tends to retain a high groundwater table. With seasonal freezing over time, this site condition had disturbed various structure foundations within the subdivision.

Capitalizing on the opportunity provided by a planned sewer and water infrastructure renewal program, KGS Group designed and implemented an innovative groundwater drainage system that addressed and offered a relatively simple solution for the ongoing local problem. By using common trench excavation, engineered drainage piping, and readily available backfill, the installation of the groundwater drainage system was simplified and optimized. There are no moving parts. Continuous drainage of groundwater occurs passively by gravity.

The design ensures proper groundwater drainage within the new sewer and water corridors, making future maintenance and construction efforts of this infrastructure easier to undertake. It also allows for ease of access for future interconnection of all foundation drainage systems within the subdivision.