University of Manitoba Fort Garry Riverbank Asset Management

The University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus is on Treaty 1 Territory and borders the Red River. On the northwest side, 600 m of Sifton Road acts as the Primary Line of Defense (PLD) dike, protecting the City of Winnipeg from flooding. Ongoing and uncontrolled surface water discharge from Culvert 108 created over-steepened slopes along the riverbank and was threatening the integrity of a significant portion of Sifton Road.

An innovative design with bouyant lightweight fill material anchored with helical piles was used to reconstruct Culvert 108, Sifton Road and the PLD dike system. This was the first time this technology was used together in Winnipeg. Additionally, the land drainage system was redesigned, Culvert 108 was upgraded to prevent future damage, and supplemental vegetation was planted. The site was fully integrated with the surrounding ecosystem and provides future use opportunities.