The roads we travel, the water we drink, the lakes and rivers that support our environment, and the parks and recreation facilities where we play – municipal infrastructure is essential to our day-to-day lives. Our municipal team works with cities, towns, municipalities, First Nation communities, parks, land developers, property owners, and private industry to provide innovative solutions for every project.

Flood Protection

Our municipal flood protection services compliment the many flood protection services provided by our other departments. They include: 

  • investigation and assessment of flood protection infrastructure
  • hydraulic/hydrologic modelling
  • internal drainage design
  • design of collection systems (pipes, manholes, ditch, culverts and outfalls)
  • gate chamber design
  • flood pump station design
  • emergency response and flood fighting assistance

Our municipal team works together with our water resources and geotechnical engineers to deliver a full range of flood protection services.