Brandon Third Street Dam Replacement

For over 70 years, the Third Street Dam on the Assiniboine River has provided the City of Brandon with a reliable supply of drinking water as well as social, environmental and commercial benefits. When the dam was irreparably damaged, KGS Group designed temporary emergency measures to limit further habitat damage and preserve Brandon’s water supply.

We then developed a functional, cost-effective, permanent solution that also removes a 70-year old barrier to fish passage. The new overflow rockfill weir, with a low flow rock ramp fishway, preserves Brandon’s water supply, restores fish passage, adds spawning habitat, and improves the safety and aesthetics of the river adjacent to Dinsdale Park.

Working cooperatively, KGS Group, the City of Brandon and regulators demonstrated that when all parties are committed, innovative solutions to preserve vital infrastructure can also prioritize and enhance the environment.